Free Spare Blade at the Boat Shows

About 10 years ago when we did our first boat show, we decided we needed to come up with something as a ‘Boat Show Special’.  We came up with the idea of a free spare blade which is worth Approx $110.  The problem with the idea was we have now managed to create the impression that you ‘need’ a spare blade 😉  Of course a couple of our competitors may have furthered that thought process in their sales pitches.

Reality is we sell very few replacement blades, except in situations where the customer has hit something and totally destroyed one or more often all of them.  The zytel blades are actually stiffer and more durable than a bronze blade and will take quite a beating.  The point was supposed to be that IF you damage one, they are easy to replace yourself vs throwing your bronze propeller away or trying to get it rebuilt.  The other selling point was the low mass of the blades being able to tolerate minor damage and still function because the propeller is not thrown out of balance.

So, after much discussion, we decided we have to come up with something else before the next boat show!  If you filled out a form at Annapolis, take advantage of the free blade now as it likely won’t get repeated!