New Blade Design now Standard

After several years of testing and modifying Kiwiprops has finally standardized on a new and improved blade design. Visually you have to look very close to see the differences but if you compare it to the first blades over a decade ago, you can see a number of refinements over the years that have lead to these stiffer, stronger, more hydrodynamically refined blades. The trailing edge is where you will notice a minor change, where a slight ‘wedge’ shape has been incorporated to improve motoring efficiency. Of course all of this was done with an eye towards maintaining the naturally low drag approach of symmetrical blades.
These new blade shapes have been incorporated in all new props shipped, and, of course, they are backwards compatible with previous props. We’re not quite to the point where we would recommend switching to new blades as there really was/is nothing wrong with the older ones. Just nice to know future replacements due to damage should perform better than the originals. Fair Winds.