Service Calls in Georgetown

Enough with the technical posts.  Every once in awhile I’m reminded that even though it seems like we’re just selling propellers, our products do have an impact on people’s enjoyment of their cruising ambitions.  Recently I got a call from Mike Hassell, a Lagoon 440 owner.  Now Mike would tell you he’s a bit of a neophyte when it comes to boats, cruising and technical things, but he’s blessed with an ability to jump right into problems and figure them out.  I can’t even remember the full story, but Mike inherited his KiwiProps but we helped him get them setup correctly about 2 years ago with a new set of our larger 19.5 blades and a minor tuneup.

Anyways, Mike calls me and tells me he loves the props but that he’s been messing with the pitch so much- just because, that he’s now got a minor vibration issue that needs sorting out.  I walked him through the procedure over the phone, then asked him where he was dropping his hook since we last talked and he said they had just arrived in Georgetown in the Bahamas.  Well as it turns out I was flying down there in a few days to hang out with my good friend Bernard who also happens to do most of the shop work for me on KiwiProps and a lot of the beta testing and experimental design evaluation.  I told Mike to stick his head out of the cockpit and see if there was a 46′ cat nearby called Ti Matou, sure enough Bernard was a couple boats over.  I told him to throw the prop in the dinghy, OK maybe a bottle of rum might be a good idea too, and make his way over to Ti Matou and Bernard would get him sorted out.

By the time my wife and I arrived, Mike couldn’t believe his good fortune and had a Georgetown welcome pack waiting for me, that would be a case of Heineken and a bottle of rum, and of course, on board instruction on how to use both.  We enjoyed several nice evenings, going over he and his wife’s travels, and after several rums decided we needed to tweak the props some more, sea trials followed, etc. etc. and after a few days they sailed over the horizon spreading the good word about KiwiProps.  Thanks for the fond memories Mike, and to Bernard and Claude for the hospitality on Ti Matou.  Fair winds to any of our cruising customers out there doin it!  Reminds me of why I sit here in front of my computer helping out!