Shaft Dimensions and Tapers

We get asked this question a lot, will the KiwiProp fit my shaft?  The quick answer is yes.  There are basically two families of tapers out there, SAE and metric.  For the most part, all we need to know is the diameter of the shaft as the standard tooling for tapers dictates the taper length, keyway dimensions, thread on the end and the small diameter of the taper.  I am not a machinist, but my understanding is that a shop would have to go out of their way to do something different and there is no reason why they would.  Having said that our mates in the UK, for decades, have been doing their own thing so if you’ve got an English built or refit boat, all bets are off.  We regularly consult our dealer in the UK if we get a UK built vessel and we’ve custom machined some props to fit them.  Some props out there require that the shaft be modified for them to fit, but not the KiwiProp.  We can usually accommodate modified shafts as well.  I’ve posted the standard taper dimensions separately.