KiwiProp Power Curves

KiwiProp Power Curves

3 Blade and 4 Blade Power curves based on hp and shaft rpm


Buying a New Prop- Do you Need a Dealer?

Depending on your level of expertise and inclination, you may find a dealer irrelevant or indispensable in the purchase of a new propeller for your new or used boat.  The reality is somewhere in between.  We started with a dealer network down under, but as demand grew elsewhere in the world, we had already realized that anybody that could operate a sailboat could install a KiwiProp.  If we were going to sell direct to the customer we had better be sure in the long run that our customers would be capable AND satisfied with that level of product support.  15-20 years later we’re pretty sure that we can specify, support and troubleshoot everything about a KiwiProp from afar.  For those customers that want an extra level of service we have always sold 5-10% of our propellers to dealers and marinas that gather the required information and often install the props.  I must admit life would likely be simpler if all the questions came from a qualified dealer network, but it certainly has been more interesting and challenging fielding questions from all over the world from customers with all different levels of expertise and experience, not to mention vessels and power trains ranging from 40 year old Atomic 4s to state of the art racing machines.

In the end, selling direct has helped us to hit a price/value ratio that has helped us sell thousands of propellers.  Of course other manufacturers have steadfastly supported their dealer networks, and arguably have at least as many satisfied customers as we do.

We continue to evaluate the dealer channel as well as OEM, but it is hard to imagine KiwiProps not selling direct to its customers, and as long as we do it would be hard to properly support a dealer network.  The original decision not to go the dealer root likely stemmed from the relative distance NZ is from the major markets of the world.  The internet was right there at the birth of the company, and has served us well.


It’s Time for a KiwiProp Blog

We are the agents for KiwiProps for North America.  We also happen to be the first customers in North America, having cruised around on my cruising cat for over 13 years now and she was launched with KiwiProps.  In between we’ve done lots of boat shows, boat deliveries, boat building and just messing around in boats  and helped our customers live out their sailing dreams.

One thing I’ve noticed is that our average customer wants to not only buy a propeller to improve the performance of their boat, but also understand the hows and whys of how we do that.  Lots of great dialogue over the years and I’d like to start sharing that information with current as well as future customers.

The founder of Kiwiprops is also the engineering brains behind what is easily the simplest an d we believe most elegant solution to what is a relatively complex design problem.  Hopefully he will chime in from time to time when we need him,  I continue to be impressed with his unwavering focus on his original design objectives and his innovative approach to resolving even minor design issues.

I should also mention that KiwiProps has always believed in the Internet as our primary vehicle to sell Kiwiprops.  We’ve been selling over the internet for over 15 years and I believe its high time we started blogging about our experience!